Returning home to my childhood home

by Laura Bryant German (Sturbridge , Ma. Usa)

I am praying for Evelyn Denger to leave my home my dad left me when he passed three years ago…She was given life rights and has done everything painful to keep me and my children from our home.

My son and family are looking at homelessness as I am and we want to return to our home in Chilmark Martha’s Vineyard as soon as we can….we are without financial means and need a miracle…Dad left me everything , all contents in home and she has given things away illegally.

I am the rightful owner and then it goes to my two adult children. I am so afraid and I feel like God does not care what happens to me or my son….as I feel such evil from this woman and what she has done…There is even a thought that she may have had something to do with his death as he was going to change the will. I have hired a lawyer who is doing this out of kindness as I don’t even have enough money to pay my bills…but she does not think I have enough to remove her.

I ask God to open her heart to see what is morally right and leave without having to go to court…She had an affair with my dad as my mom was dying of cancer and I still accepted her and then when dad died she turned , so so evil it is frightening…

Please pray for our return to our Chilmark home as soon as possilbe…our time is running out and we are so afraid…thank you and be blessed….love to you all..laura Bryant German

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