Return to me my loving daughter

by Mary (Massachusetts)

Please Lord Jesus ask your holy Father to return my precious loving daughter to me, a mother who loves her dearly. With all my heart and soul. I beg for you to bring my baby home to me. I promise to always cherish you. In the Lord’s name Jesus Christ I honor and obey your commandments. I am blessed by your love and protection always.
In your name Jesus Christ I ask for my daughter’s return by the end of the year 2017. Lord Christ Jesus I your humble servant honor and cherish the love you have for my daughter and I. Keep her close to my heart in soul and body as you are always with us. Keep us together free from evil influences and hold us together. Let no one separate my daughter and I ever again. Keep your spirit inside us always. We know the power of your love and need to be together with you. Keep us safe from harm and hold us always in your arms. I ask this in Christ Jesus name. Amen