Return of my kids from foster care

by Vanessa (Watertown My U. S. A)

Dear father God I need my 3 Blessings that you gave me to return home to their rightful loving parents for I leave every pain and struggle in your hands. Touch the judge Lord for he do not know the truth behind all the lies that’s been told by CPS. Let him see the truth God let him do the right thing and send my kids home where they belong. I will continue to have faith and be patient for I know you are always on time and I will always wait for you cause it will be the right time, which is always a blessing. Lord I ask that everyone that sees this prays for me also cause I believe in the mighty power of prayers. God you said if I ask I shall receive so please return Zion, Isys, Love. I pray for them also for they’re home sick and traumatized and a little brain washed. My daughter isys needs you Lord, lead my family in your path, in JESUS name we prayer AMEN