Return my soul mate

by Susanne Morrison (Charles Town, WV USA)

I ask for prayers to have the strength and the will power to go on without my soul mate. After 7.5 years, my best friend and love left to be with someone else. That someone else chased him for over two years and finally succeeded.

My life was never easy. I took care of my husband for 12 years and he past. Hurricane Katrina took everything we worked for. Several surgeries for myself, and I though I was done with my life.
Then I met Kirk, and the whole in my heart closed. He was the best thing that could have happen to me.
Now, he is gone and I need prayers to help me get through this. My will power to live is gone. I can not see a future without him beside me.
Please help me pray that Kirk will find his way back to me. Give me strength to stay alive so I can wait for him and give him strength to find his way home. I forgive and forget, I just want the pain to go away.
Thank you
God bless

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