Return husband from other woman and bring back to me

Lord God,

i pray that you touch Ron’s heart and bring him back to me and our daughter Sidney. Most I pray you open his eyes to the fact he does not belong there and he needs to come back to You. I ask that you intervene for our marriage and stop the divorce that is coming.

Remove Erica from our life and open his eyes to the sin of adultery he is commiting. Our child is devastated to have lost her dad and the women does not care. She knew he had a family and children. He took her two half sisters with him 10 hours away, took from my daughter, she is 7.

The other woman told him to so he would not leave her and come back home. he tried to take our daughter,too. she cries almost daily and has changed because of this.

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  1. Mediation coming. Need prayer

    February 15th we go to mediation. I am praying for God’s hand in this and His will. My daughters want to be back together. My youngest is suffering so bad and misses her family. Pray that he will open his heart up to hear God.


    Please pray with me that God reachs my husband Ron before it is too late. Our family needs to be restored. He is being deceived by the enemy and has been for a long time.

  3. praying for you

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I am experiencing something very similar and I know how hard it is. Adultery is a hard thing to get past, but if God brings your husband home, He can carry you through the healing process. Praying for you.

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