Return and Help For My Soulmate

Excuse me if I do this wrong; this is my first time. My soulmate is currently going through troubled times as her stress grows larger and she fears asking for help. I wish to help her and let her know that I love her dearly and I will be there for her. We’ve been together for some time and I do not wish for our love to die because of this. I pray daily and I try my best to let her know this but I never get the chance. I am empty and alone without her, she means everything to me and I thank The Lord for bringing her into my life. She is just perfect but is flawed when she is in troubles. Please bring her back into my life and give me the chance to prove my eternal love to her. I do not wish for her heart to fall ill with lust after all we’ve been through. Thank you for giving the time to read and may you be blessed, brothers and sisters.

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