Restoring a broken family

by Kristy (Pleasanton Tx)

Father God my family is hurting right now, decisions were made out of hurt and anger. Our family, my children, and my ex are hurting. Heal us father, give us strength to walk boldly to the promises you have in store for us..Do not allow us to give up on each other. God show him the way, give him the courage to stand up for this family, allow him to let his guard and his wall down, to allow your holy spirit to lead him into him how to be the Man that we need in our lives. Father I ask that you also work in me God, help me to be a strong and courageous woman of God, to be humble and submissive to a strong man of God. I pray my children grow from every struggle and gain knowledge and wisdom through it all and become faithful men of God. In jesus name we pray amen.

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