Restore,Revive and Recover my married and my marriage back life and my husband be healed and delivery and set fee mind,body and spirit.

by Roberta (Fort Bragg,N.C 28307)

Lord please my family’s and set free us from bondage,flesh and renewal minds

and restore marriage and houses and husband and wife back together again it tied but right in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You. Praise The Lord. God did that thing Anthony&Roberta and 5 kids too. Restore,Love,Joy and peace and happy on earth and Lord blessed me with that job at hosital in Jesus Name Amen. I am believing and have faith as gain of mushed seed and remove this mountain and help come together and celebrate life more abundantly in Jesus Name and Lord a blessing Roberta&Anthony in Jesus Name Amen. God did that thing in Jesus Name Amen. It is done and finish by faith Roberta&Anthony coming back together again and again always for ever again and God turning it around working in our favor in Jesus Name Amen. Cancel the devil assignment over Roberta and Anthony in Jesus Name shift atomspere in the air in Jesus Name Amen. Before come back for church and go too Maryland show up and show out in Jesus Name Amen. Prayer Works all times in Jesus Name Amen