Restore respect and kindness in my marriage, O Lord.

by Pamela (NYC)

O my God, and my mother Mary-

Please help my marriage today , my Lord. I truly love my spouse, but bitterness has sunk into my heart. Please give us back respect and kindness we need in our marriage. The love is there, but please let it be shown by both of us more. Please let there be no more harsh words spoken and pain. For our chidrens’ sake as well, may we show them an example of how to people should really love and respect each other so they may have the same love and respect for another and themselves as they mature. Cast evil and satan out, as he is the instigator of all unhappiness, and is rejoicing in our failure and misery.

I know only You can help me right now, please hear my prayer Sweet Lord and Mary, Mother of God.

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