Restore our marriage Michelle and James

by James (San Antonio)

Dear father please hear my cry I have hurt her through my actions but my heart and love are only to her. Lord God I pray that you open her ears that she hears the voice of your scriptures. That you deliver her from temptation of fornication and satan’s use of men to temp to lead her into sin. I pray that the saints stand in agreement and bind us in heaven and earth according to the covenant we made with God. Please seek God to move her heart and mind with the spirit of conviction and correction. Let her not be lead to hell by mens words in her weakness but let her seek the guidance of Jesus and the scripture in all things. Father you said your word would not come back void and that your children hear your voice, your word said no willful sin. Lord please restore our love, bind the spirit of separation, anger, unforgiveness, lust and any man or woman that would come between us by lies, deceit ,tricks, gifts or changing the word to lead us away from God true meaning, let us not be separated from the word of God. Let peace , restores our love and bind us as one in the Holy Spirit. I pray that the prayers move her heart and mind, Jesus is more powerful. This I beg of your Lord.

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