Restore my shattered marriage and life

by Jon (Wisconsin)

My Prayer is that my wife would move back home to me with our kids and her love for christ would grow wich would in turn draw her back to me.WE have two small children .One,our daughter is a year anda half and it is affecting her but it doesnt seem to affect my wife.

Our son is 6 months old.My wife is younger than me and has some things she is bitter about she has said.I speak the word over my family I especially pray alot for my wife who hasnt come to the saving grace of God.I need Gods miraculous power to heal our lives and bring this family back together.My wife is quite a bit youmger than me so she comments on how she has missed out on the party days etc.

I believe Christ will heal her and me and bring us together again.Bless you for your prayers.they mean more than anything.My heart yearns for my wife and kids

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