Restore my relationship


Dear Friends,

I would request you all to pray to restore my relationship with my wife, even though i love my wife & 2 kids (3 & 1 yrs old). i went out of marriage & committed a sin, after a short span I understood my mistake & i stopped 1 year back and repent about my mistake to Lord.

Now that lady is trying to destroy by family, earlier which was demanding money in a very friendly manner, When i didn’t bend on for it. She text./sms my wife on her phone about whatever happened in the past.

Which was a shock for her and the because of me the peace in the house is destroyed, we are going through a tough time. Sometimes she insist for a divorce, because she love me & kids she thinks to continue a happy life together which is good. But as you know this is a real trauma for her so she will have all kindly of thoughts. once she call that woman and that women started talking more lies which is worsen the situation. Please pray for her. I love my wife from the bottom of my heart. As i broken her trust, she don’t believe in any of my words.

Please also pray for that women for give her a good heart to spare us from all this mess.

Please pray for us……..

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