Restore my relationship

by Kristi (Alberta)

Dear Jesus, please touch Nigel’s heart and mind while he is gone on holidays. Break the chains that Melanie has over him. Make him realize what has truly happened in the past and that I have always had his back.

Help him to have a forgiving heart and help him to have an accountable heart. Help our situation and restore us to an even better relationship than before. Help me keep my heart open and to not let bitterness settle in. Amen

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  1. Please help my partner to resume his telephone communication with me

    Dear Beloved God,

    I thank you God for always love me and always be here for me to help me out whenever I am in need as your child. Thank you for providing me shelter to live, work to go to everyday, having my focus to study and all the energy to be able to take care of everything and a very clear mind and a very kind heart. Thank you for protecting my children and I at all time.

    My partner Jesmond Cassar and I, Meg Le are in a long distance relationship at the moment. He has moved interstate for personal reason with a plan of two years.

    Please help my partner to open his heart, his soul and his mind to unblock my phone number on his phone and to resume communication with me again on a daily basis and prioritize my needs like his own. Please help my partner to be faithful and loyal to me at all time. Please help him to get rid of his fears, insecurity and angers towards me for any misunderstanding in my words. Please help my partner to bring himself up to align with my vibrational frequencies high energy level in which we will have the same common values in being kind, loving, caring and being considerate towards ourselves, our children, our parents and towards others. Please help him to understand his achievements and accomplishments do not define who he is as a person. But who he is as a person from within himself is the main thing. Please help my partner to live with his true source instead of seeking for external approvals to satisfy his ego. And please fulfill my dreams for that my partner will propose to marry me as he finally will realise I am truly the love of his life. I am his only world, his existence in this physical world being in this lifetime. And my partner will return me with unconditional love as how I have always loved him. Please help my partner to to understand daily communication is utmost important to me from a long distance perspective and from a partnership’s point of view. Please bless us with true love, effective daily communication, soulmate ship and marriage. Please bless our combined children and us as a happy family and under the same roof in the Gold Coast Australia.

    Thank you God for helping me with my prayers . I am forever be grateful for your unconditional love for me and my family.

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