Restore my relationship

by Kristi (Alberta)

Dear Jesus, I pray that you help guide me and Nigel today when he comes over to talk about selling the house. Please open his heart to hear and see the truth, to remember the love and the awesome memories that we built together in this house. I pray that your will be done.

I believe that him and I are supposed to be together till death do us part. I believe that you brought him into my life for a reason. I believe that he bonded with my son for a reason. Love is patient and love is kind. Please help me to be patient, kind and loving today and to not react in any wrong ways.

Please help this situation Jesus. I know that you are in control and I need your comfort today as I go through this. You tell us in the Bible not to worry. I am human and I do worry and I need you to help me with that. Having you in control is a great comfort as nothing will happen against your will.

Jesus, I would love for Nigel to come back if it is your will. Please make our relationship better, stronger and happier than before. Jesus, thank you for the years that I have known Nigel and the great memories that I have in my heart. Thank you for giving me that. I would love to create more of those and have many more years. Amen

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