Restore my relationship with my girlfriend

Dear Lord,

I’m coming to you at this time to ask you to please restore my relationship. you know what is in our hearts, and that although the past few years have not always been easy, they have been filled with love, laughter.

Right now heavenly father you know that powers that are trying to come in between our love that you have blessed us with. Lord God please remove the doubt, the haze, the unfriendly people, who are whispering in my girlfriends ears. Please help her through her hard times, and open her heart back up to me. Let her feel the love that you have blessed us with. What you have joined together let no man tear apart.

Father I believe in your words, and you say ask and it shall be given. Lord right now I pray, That you will bring our love back, that you will knock down the plans of the enemy. Bring peace and joy to our hearts.

Let the bad thoughts fade away, and open her eyes to the happiness we have shared and will continue to share in your unchanging hands. Let the friends who mean harm, be found out by her, and her family allow them to find peace within me again.

with all these things I ask, I give you all the glory honor and praise. I Know that only through you all these things are possible. In Jesus, holy and wonderful name.


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