Restore my relationship with my daughter’s father

Father god I come to you in the name of Jesus. Lord god I ask that you turn this situation with my daughters father around. God forgive me of my faults throughout this relationship. I was unfaithful, rude, lied, disrespectful and played with his feelings.

I apologize and ask that you forgive me as well as mending His heart to forgive me. I didn’t realize until now how bad I wanted my family together until he was gone for good. I have been praying and fasting for you to perform a miracle. Lord he continues to reject me and say things to hurt my feelings more than they already are.

I was wrong for the way I treated him and I have realized that. God growing up I did not have a real family with a mother and father together and happy. Lord I declare in the name of Jesus for this to happen for me as an adult with my family. God I know this struggle is not going to be easy but I ask for a chance to make it right.

Lord I beg that u place the love that he has for me in his heart again and give him the urge and faith to wanna make it work and know that it can as long as we depend on you. God I ask that you allow us to respect one another and always be considerate of each other’s feelings and thoughts. God allow us not to react off of our feelings but off of what’s right. I know u can fix this mess god. I know u can lord. I know u can and I declare that it happens in the name of Jesus.

God we are a family. We may not be married but we are a family and u are for families, so lord I pray in the name of Jesus that you fix my broken family. I also pray for strength and guidance during this process to stand strong regardless of what the outcome is. Allow me not to react off of feelings because they come and go.

God have your way in our relationship. God intercede and fix this mess on our behalf. Allow him to have a change of heart for me when he returns from Mississippi. Allow his family to minister to him about us being together as a family. Place him in front of the right person who can speak positive things of how we can turn this mess around and depend on you lord.

All I ask for is one last chance god to do right by him and our family. God turn this situation around. In Jesus name Amen.

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