Restore my marriage

by Lourdes (San Antonio)

I am requesting for people to join me in prayer for the restoration of my marriage. I have been married to my husband for 12 years and have 2 wonderful children whom i love to death. Approximately about 2 months ago i caught my husband cheating on me. he admitted to having an affair with another woman for a few months already. I begged him to stop that affair which he refused to do so. We separated for 2 weeks, in the meantime he was staying with the woman he was having an affair with while i was seeking for an attorney to file for a divorce.( I was heartbroken) He came home to ask me for forgiveness which i forgave him and we decided to work things out, mainly for our children which were suffering From his absence and missed him dearly. At the present Time he is still texting this woman and refuses to stop. He tells me that, thats all he is doing, (just texting) he is not seeing her anymore and expects me to ge okay with it. I have faith in God and Im holding on to his promises, Im even praying for this woman so she can find it in her heart and stop breaking our marriage apart. I pray that God will send her a good man (not my husband) into her life that way she can leave my husband alone. Everyday is a strugle for me trying to work things out but i cant do this alone. Please pray that my husband realises that what he is doing is wrong in Gods eyes and that he repents for his sins and get closer to God so that he may be forgiven for all the damage that he has caused our family with this affair. I am forever grateful if you join me in prayer. Thank you so much and God Bless every single person who reads this.

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