Restore My Marriage With BJC Jr.

by Stephanie (Birmingham, Al)

Dear God, I come to you humble as I know how to be. I ask to be forgiven for any problems I caused in my marriage. I am repenting for my sins and going against you God. After I asked you to reveal things to me that wasn’t right in my marriage about whatever my husband was doing. God you revealed it to me every time and I thank you for that. God, I am asking that you pull me and husband closer to you, that you heal any hurt or meanness in my heart, that you guard my mouth and let my words only be words of love and encouragement. I also ask that you please work on my husband and allow him to see the hurt, lies, manipulating ways, discouraging words, meanness, and distant ways he has with me. I also ask that you heal his heart and mind. I ask that you allow us to reunite soon with all hurt and problems behind us. God, please teach us and allow us the chance right now to grow closer together like we use to be. And God, please remove anything that is NOT of you or your ways in all things. Please guide each of us to leave the past being, communicate to one another only with kind words, and to love each other and our marriage the way we are supposed to. Please, God, reunite us because I love my husband but please don’t allow me to lose myself anymore in the process of trying to be good to him. God just make him to be the stand up man of God and the husband that he is supposed to be with me. I just want to be the woman of God and wife that I always so desperately want to be. God, if it’s your will please don’t let my marriage end in divorce. God I thank you for your many blessings and the blessing yet to come.

In Jesus Name!