Restore my marriage

by Charlee ()

Father God, You are the all powerful, all knowing God. You love your people so much that you gave us Your Son to take our place and save us from our sins. You watch over us and never leave us, working all things for good. Father, you comfort us, strengthen us and guide us when we call on you and without fail. There is no other God but you.

I am a sinner, Lord, but nonetheless, I am your servant. I confess that I lash out in anger and when I am hurt. That I complain when I should be thankful, that I lie when the truth is too painful or embarrassing to face. I am so sorry, Father. I want to please you but I always fail. Please, God, forgive me for my sins. Forgive me for hurting other people; my family, my husband and my friends. Lord God, please show me your mercy and help me to become the woman and the wife you created me to be. I am lost and I desperately need You, right here, right now, and forever.

Lord, show Ryan and I how to repair our marriage and to forgive each other. Please give us the strength and courage to do it Your way, the only way. Give my husband Ryan the eyes to see the value and importance of our marriage, of our covenant with each other and with you, Mighty God. Help him to understand how much I love him and want our marriage to continue. Help him to search his heart and find true, honest love for me. Change his heart and his perspective, please Father. Open Ryan’s heart to You and to Me and give him the desire to stay in our marriage, make it work, and lead our family as you intended and is written in the Bible. Lord God, please don’t allow sin and selfishness to come between us, but open up the lines of true communication. Let us not place blame, interrupt or insult one another, but be able to share our thoughts, emotions, dreams and love as well as our pain, hurt and anger with each other in a way that is both productive and godly.

And still, Lord, if it is not your will for our marriage to continue, I will accept it, because I am your servant and will follow you forever. You are my God, and I believe, I know, that you will bring the best for me, as I am your daughter in Christ.

I love you God, and I am scared, lonely, hurt, confused, angry, desperate and devastated. I ask you please, repair and restore my marriage to Ryan to everything you intended marriage to be so that we can learn to really love as a married couple by choice and emotion and to be able to share our experience with others. I ask for Ryan and I to be lifted up to you and for healing, restoration, reunion and unbinding love for one another and for You be granted forever.

May we be given your wisdom so that we can testify to the work only Your Amazing Grace can make happen within a marriage. Ban all manner of evil, lust and sin from coming between Ryan and I. Please do not let the enemy destroy my marriage!

I feel I am in the furnace, and just as in the Bible you are able to meet me there. Help me grow, Father.

And if it is not to be, then please show me Your mercy and help me to accept your decision with grace fitting for a daughter of Christ. If my will is not Your own, then please align mine with Yours and send me comfort. Heal my broken heart and help me to find peace in Your decision.

I love you so much, Father God. You are my King and I will serve only You, trusting in Your wise guidance and believing in Your everlasting presence. I wish to honor you and declare you King of all creation for all of my days.

Please, hear my prayer and consider earnestly my pleas, for I ask for all of this be granted in the most holy name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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