Restore my broken love

by Chloe's Mom (GA)

Met the love of my life 2 + years ago and as they say I knew as did he. We were destined by god to come together, and were both better for having known and loved each other. Our future together was certain to be happily ever after without question, but somewhere in the past year thru much individual strife we began to unravel.

Our once love and adoration turned into bitter resentment hatefulness and hurt that continued to escalate wounding us both and causing a now separation, distrust, anger, dissapointment with continued resentment. Were in need of a serious miracle from god a second chance, a way to start over letting the past hurts go which was never either of our intents.. Though things said and done can’t be undone but only to someday be forgiven.

This love is rare one worth fighting for, but so damaged in need of gods help to restore, reunite, and fully recover us. To strengthen our bond, to develop a greater understanding for each other thru respect and forgiveness so we can fulfill our destiny and future together happily forever more.

Please help us find our way. Please pray for us, we so desperately need it!! Please bless us both individually and bless and repair our union. Only thru god are all things possible and we seek the chance to be blessed and happy together again from this day forward and all the days of our life. In Jesus name. Amen

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