Restore me,my wife,kids and our home broken by divorce

by Donovan (South Africa)

Lord God

I knee before you as a husband,father,son and brother, i call upon your name Jesus and proclaim you as king of kings and Lord of Lords, nothing is impossible through Christ who loves me and i believe and trust for your restoration to my family, restore our home and fill it with your peace,love,joy and faithfulness unto you Jesus.

Lord only you know the truth,only you know pain i feel , i’m helpless without your wisdom and peace, i now ask Lord that you touch my wives heart, make her understand that what she i doing is not in accordance of your will and goes against our vows taken before you Lord.

Please heal all brokenness in the name of Jesus,i claim the victory in your name Lord, i knock at your door Lord hear my prayer, allow me to lead my family in your ways and according to your word.

I bind all 3rd parties in the name of Jesus, you will have no power over my wife for now i leave my wife at the feet of Jesus, Lord heal this marriage Jesus.


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