Restore marriage and heal husband of his depression.

by Lorraine (England)

Heavenly Father,

my heart is broken and the pain is so great. My husband has left me.

Lord you know he is suffering from depression. He loved you once, but now has walked away from you.

He feels you have let him down,he feels angry, empty and alone.I know that is not true,but when you’re ill you can’t think straight.

Lord I cry out to you,my husband said he no longer loves me and wants nothing more to do with me. Father I pray that he will be healed in his mind and restored fully. Let the people that he meets while he is away from you, be of a positive influence.May you do a real miracle in his life, speak to him in a clear voice,let him no that it is you!Lord give him no peace! As he runs away, be a constant presence by his side.Thank you that you will be there when he sleeps,when he wakes,when he works.Soften his heart.

Restore our marriage make it even better and stronger than before. Lord I believe that with you ALL things are possible.

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