Restore L&P Relationship

by Peter ()

My girlfriend and I have been going through a separation since July 4th. There was an argument and actions that took place that caused my girlfriends kids sister and mom to basically disapprove of our relationship. Understanding nobody is perfect and people make mistakes. Unfortunately my girlfriend feels torn between her family and her love for me. She has kept us a secret with her children whom are mostly adults now except for on that is a junior in hs. He kids say to her that they can’t trust her judgement and will basically disown her as their mother if she gets back with me publicly. My girlfriend has blocked me on all social media and removed her status as in relationship but we continue talking and seeing eachother most every day. It’s been taking its toll on her and though she wants to stay in our relationship she feels torn between her kids parents and sister. Because of this tug of war feeling she is having though I am being as understanding and patient as I can possibly be without wondering are we over she tends to go on these days where she doesn’t want to talk to me and says she needs her space which I try my best to give her but it’s also wearing down on my and my heart feels like giving up and I’m trying to remain in faith and not fear but I think we’re both just lost. We want things to go back to how they were and even better but we don’t know how to make that happen. I ask her if we can come up with a plan and she says I don’t know or I don’t want to right now. And so I’m kept a secret. We need help we need you Lord. We can’t do this on our own. We are drowning both with our own different feelings. We need prayer for our relationship to be restored now more than ever. I am asking everyone please pray for L and myself P. For forgiveness and mercy from her kids parents and sister. A change of heart in everyone of us all. And love to be restored between my girlfriend and myself. I’m Jesus name I pray amen.

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