Restore Life with my families

by Queenesther ()

Heavenly Father, I have come to you this day, for my children grandchildren, great grandchildren and me, and my families for unity for my mother and father Bloodlines their seeds for restoration. For your loved to grow in each and everyone of us strong, giving us healthy prosperous and wonderful years to come with each other. and restore the love that was embedded in us, from the day we were born. giving each other the unconditionally love for each and others. Teach and show us how to forgive each other another’s that might have done is wrong . Teach me how to hear you when you speak to me father. Let me know it’s you Heavenly Father. father forgive my sins and anything that I have done or said that was not pleasant to you. Teach me your way I want you to be proud of me. Teach Me How To Love You and a great teacher, and how help others. Lead Me Guide Me and direct my path daily. Show me how to let go and let God. allow the Holy Spirit to live inside me strong, and not my own self guide me Jesus. Take me out of the equation father God that I can hear you. Let me hear the Holy Spirit when you speak to me and Obey you Heavenly Father. Thank you the healing of my body mind soul spirit, every organ that you blessed me with every bone marrow, every bloodline in your body that you gave me Father God. I thank you for healing this day from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I’m saying this prayer Heavenly Father for my families our children grandchildren, great-grandchildren our bloodline in and seeds of our families sisters, brothers and their families and their bloodline our nieces, cousins ,nephew’s and their blood and seeds
I’m pray for Father God. All those that I have promised father,and names I promise to pray for, help me to be strong to continually walk the path you have for me to walk. Giving me favor and victory over ours lives and getting us through, the trials and tribulations that we Face everyday. Father God I thank you for the healing of my brother Alvin, his mine giving him strength and his body strength he needs father God. Father God I ask you to teach me, Lead Me Guide Me into the path you have for me, direct my path daily. Father God I ask that you take anything that is not of you out of this vessel that you bless me with. Any lying and deceit any mistrust any cheating any stealing. Any jealousy any things that is not of you. Jesus give me confidence courage, wisdom and strength knowing that you’re there for me, let me feel your presence always father God my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Father God let the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you father God. take any confusion any deception anything that is not of you out of this vessel, and give me a clean heart a sound mind and much wisdom to know what’s the right things to do, for my life and anyone who walks along this life with me. Father God let the Holy Spirit be strong in me. So I can understand to do the things that you have me to do. give me the strength each day to go on with the path you chosen for me Jesus.Thank you my Heavenly Father

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