Restoration and Reconciliation of my broken relationship

by SammyR (South Africa)

I have been praying for months now for reconciliation between me and my partner. We were faced with challanges that were out of our control and had to unfortunately part ways, with broken hearts and confused souls, the devil attacked us more and I miscarried.

I pray that you all bow down and prayers with me to reconcile our relationship, I have tried to forget but God always brings me back to him. God may you shed the blood of Jesus on my situation, teach us to forgive and not be prideful. Remove the devil from our our love, give us a new lease at love and be the foundation of it all. Restore us, create us God, may you make what seems impossible-possible. Help me to restore my faith as well, and give me the strentgh to not give up.

Heal our hearts, heal our relationship and perform your miracles, do not let the devil win any further, God I come to you humbly and to the devil assertively, let us defeat all odds. Lord I pray, and thank you.


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