restoration on marriage and blessings for financial change

by NP (Westchester, Ny)

Lord, I ask for you to restore my marriage. I ask for you to change my husbands ways, when it comes to being responsible with our finances. Lord, I pray for you to help us control our mouths and work more on our hearts for growth and wisdom. Lord, I ask for you to move mountains to help us get our of debt and show him wisdom how to be head of household.

Lord, my marriage is failing and I know divorce is not the answer. Lord, money is not everthing, but when my husband is not wise and getting us in debt, there is a problem. I cant live like this anymore and its making me resent him. I am only married 2 years and feel already I am about to walk out. I need you to move mountains and show some mircales today.

I thank you in advance for the miracles you will do for us. Thank you in advance for getting us back on track with our fincances.

In the name of Jesus, Amen

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