Restoration of Relationship with God and our relationship

by Cheryl (South Africa)

Johan and I have become very close friends and he has been attending Church as was a believer but backslid. He has now slipped again. I would like you to pray for Johan to return to serving the Lord 100% and for the relationship that Johan and I had to be restored as we were moving on from more than friendship but with everything that has happened he does not want to be in a relationship with me anymore. Also even for myself I pray (Cheryl) that I can do the right things and not push him further away from God and from me.

I thank you for your Prayers and believe that Johan will rededicate his life to the Lord and turn away from his drinking and smoking and thank you too that Johan and I will build a very close relationship and have a strong bond and even though I am older than him that this will not influence him in anyway as I believe God does not look at age.

I believe that God brought him into my life for a reason and that is why I pray for me to also have the right behaviour and attitude towards him as I have also not acted in a true Christian manner at times. Thank you that our prayers will be answered in Jesus Name, Amen.