Restoration of relationship

by Diana ()

Heavenly Father, thank you that there is nowhere I can go that is beyond your presence. Fill my relationship with the peace that comes from your presence. Your word says that my faith will never be put to shame when my trust is in you. Give me faith in your power to restore any relationship. Please help me to trust in you with all my heart. You are the Sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light. To you be honor and eternal glory. Thank you that you know my every need. You have promised that when I pass through the waters, you will be with me, the rivers will not sweep over me, the fire will not burn me. Bring peace to the conflict in my relationship. Bring kindness to the harsh words. Bring compassion to the hardness of heart. Transform my relationship and make it fruitful and life-giving. Hear my prayer, today Lord. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight.

I cry out to you to heal my relationship with Fadzli and to touch his heart and soul with love for me again. You know and can see my heart ache for this man you brought into my life for a reason. You can see Fadzli’s thoughts you know how wonderful our bond was throughout the months. Please touch our hearts so that I do not need to leave our beautiful relationship together and restore faith in both of us and for always like Fadzli used to be. Please heal our broken parts and put us back together where we belong. I profess that I do not understand my partner’s needs. I don’t know how to fix our problems. Please open my eyes to my partner so that I can see why he acts the way he do. And please help me to understand, too, my own motivations and needs so that I can know when I am in the wrong. Grant us both a greater understanding of one another, and take away the preconceived notions and assumptions that are keeping us from truly communicating. Bring my partner and I closer together, and closer to you, than ever before.

Dear Lord, I pray that you may accept this simple prayer and let my love Fadzli come back to me. I have a very strong faith in you, and I believe that you can help me out of any situation. There is nothing too hard for you, My Lord. I ask you to reunite us one more time and clear out any misunderstandings between us. Fadzli is the only one that makes me feel whole, and Fadzli is the best thing that ever happened to me. I pray that you may return Fadzli back to me. With open arms, I will welcome Fadzli back into my life. I miss my man Fadzli so much. He has been behaving strangely cold and ignoring me and he does not check up on me anymore. Help Fadzli to realize that I love him so much, and I am always here for him.

Dear Lord, Help us to work things out so that we can be happy again. Please, Lord, listen to my cry of distress and give Fadzli a change of heart and attitude towards me. Help us to strengthen our relationship and fill our hearts with love, happiness, joy, and patience for each other. I ask that you please heal the damage that has built up through the long struggle my partner Fadzli and I have been through in our relationship. Please bless us both with the wisdom to take the knowledge of what went wrong and use it to make things better.

I need You to give me wisdom on how to love Fadzli well. You are my shield and defender. Show me how, when and where to erect boundaries in our relationship. I believe You are my healer and I trust You to guard my heart and mind. I need Your specific directions on how to interact with Fadzli. I want to love Fadzli with a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. I forgive Fadzli for hurting me. Help me to love Fadzli courageously. Fill me with Your truth and compel me to fearlessly tell the truth with love. Let Your perfect love cast out all of my fears related to our relationship.

Thank you Lord, In Jesus Christs’ Name, amen.
Thank you for this miracle and for hearing my prayer.

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