Restoration of our LOVE

Dear Lord,

It was already 70 days since my boyfriend left me, He was fed up of my attitude that i kept on recalling his past mistakes in our relationship. Before we ended up I was really in pain keeping all the anger and hatred in my heart, He was keeping that emotions to himself for almost a year. and it just happened that his mind and heart suddenly changed ,He wanted to take it off the grid just to find himself. I already confessed for my sins for being so hard on him and not forgetting what he has done.And now Lord he is with some other girl who he started dating the day after we broke up. I believe in my heart he still love and we are meant to be. For we have reached almost five years in our relationship with breaking up.Only this recent one.
He is a good person, He loves his family so much and that he also have a strong fear to the lord. I know if its according to your holy will that we will end up together again and take it to the next level of our relationship. I ask for your prayers oh Dear Lord that we can fix both ourselves that after that we can be mature enough with each other’s flaws and we could learn how to compromise.

While he is temporarily away from me keep him safe. Be with him keep him away from temptations and may he be able to do the right thing.Praying that he will just come home soon.I have a very strong faith in our relationship to be restored. This is just a temporary setback for both of us. We can surpass the storm.Heal me while im still fixing the broken pieces of my heart. Heal both of us.Make us strong that not even the strongest typhoon can bring us down.
Thank you in advance Lord.

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