Restoration of my marriage

by Donald (Hopewell, VA Usa)

Dear Lord I am coming to you as humble as I know how. Thanking you for your many blessing. I know I have not been the man of God that you want me to be and I believe that you allowed my marriage to fall to get my attention to serve you and Lord you have it. I know that I haven’t been a perfect husband, but Lord I need you now. Make me the man you want me to be and make me the loving husband that I know I can be. Please Lord bring my wife back to me and touch her heart and mind that she will find it in her heart to forgive me for all that I have done. Lord return my family back to me and never to be broken again. I will serve you all the days of my life no matter even if you don’t bring her back . If it is in your will that I be married let it be with the wife that you gave me (Chrystal). I love her and I will treat her like the woman and wife that she deserves to be treated like. Lord I pray this prayer and trust that you will fulfill my hearts desire. You said in your word that if you ask anything in your name that it will be done. Lord remove every person, obstacle that the devil has brought between us and cast them away. I love you and adore you and I count it done in the name of Jesus, Amen1

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