restoration of my marriage

by Laureen Mary ()

lord Jesus i coming before you siner as i am, am not proud of this, i come to ask your mercy and love. Lord God i been married 4yrs now me and my husband cliford, just build our home and live only 5 months together in this new house then he left without any arguement, without any explaining and not even in my presence. one years gone Lord not even a text, call, any comunication or not even want to see my face. Lord i been trying to figure out on my own understanding what has happen and what wrong. Lord i found in this 4 years of marriage he been seeing someone for 3 years and he still having this affairs. Lord you said in your words you hate divorce, if separate it best to reconcile, Lord you also say what you bind together let no men separate. Lord i know 1 years is like 1 second for, i believe you can restore my married, restore our dead love and bring it to life, i believe you can lead my husband back to you and back to me. i believe Lord can to wait on you even it seems long but it not in vain. please love heal our hearts, make us renew our vows that we made before, give us the desire to restore our marriage and walk you way. i believe want you restore our marriage you will leave not trace , it will come you again. lord give me courage to stay faithful in my marriage even my husband away and Lord deliverd my husband from this adultery life, lust life and give him a heart of fresh . now that christmas is near, lord christmas is a time in family, a time of love. not one time we have been able to spend christmas in our house. lord i trsut your will be done

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