Restoration of my family

by Vicki Richard (Katy,Texas)

Dear God I come to you thanking you for your grace and mercy and for loving me and my children. Thank you lord and thank you for your protection my husband Johnny is still out of our home and its been over a yea no we are now talking divorce so sad he is still have affairs with women and it hurts I don’t want a divorce I want to keep my family together but my hope is fading I miss my husband and I love him dearly so many ugly words have been said just today alone and I have repented to my husband to god but yet instill I hurt so badly , I am waiting for a word from the lord I need jesus no less and less time is being spent with our kids because he is playing the single life I pray for a miracle an miracle from god to turn my husbands heart back to me and the lord and our children save him from this harlot that he favors I pray the other woman will see herself and her selfish ways and god will bless her to find her own husband in jesus name I pray gods radiance in me and I will become happy in my skin and in my soul once again Thank you God in Jesus name amen

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