Restoration of my current relationship

by Lisa D Clark-Cameron ()

A friend and I have been together for almost 3 years enduring us three years so many of a female have come into the picture and this is why I think that his heart is blocked and his mind is blocked from moving forward in a relationship with me he has so many obstacles and so many issues other than that he’s jealous of the relationship in the closeness that I have with my children because he does not have that with his and he doesn’t understand that if you did not start out that way it doesn’t mean you can’t be that way he has four different children by four different women, he’s allowing these issues to become issues in our relationship I have prayed and prayed and asked God to help me I don’t want to give up I don’t want him to give up do we do well together as a couple I just want him to restore his faith in us restore his faith in all that we talked about doing and to keep away l is vice in these women that chase after him that he feels compelled to entertain weather is conversation or other but he claims that he’s not doing anything he doesn’t think talking on the phone or listening to someone whispering nothing in his ear interfering with his thought process to focus on us I just need prayer because right now I’m hurting so bad & with everything else is going on in my life i I can just take this anymore
So please please help me help us pray for me pray for his heart is stubbornness pray for us to come together in work on whatever it is that’s bothering him me I just eat prayer over my life because I was so heartbroken in her right now and as I savings any words I am shedding tears heavy tears of sorrow and pain please.

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