Restoration of marriage.

by J. Austin (Upstate New York)

I would like to ask any who read this to pray for my wife. Twelve years ago I hurt her by leaving during a time when she needed me. I selfishly ran from my commitment. After a year we reconciled, yet she has struggled with forgiveness due to my unwillingness to confront the reasons within myself for leaving.

I did this because the shame and regret I felt was so strong I couldn’t see that Gods love for me was all I ever needed. Six months ago my wife told me she wanted to separate. My world was upside down and regrettably I pushed her to stay rather than give her space. I then learned that she had been having an affair. By the grace of God I didn’t react the way I thought I would have.

Since then I have given my life to Christ and placed our fate in his hands. I tell her daily I am committed to our marriage. I have asked myself how I can feel so strong about this given all I know and have been through and know now that it is Gods love for me….a love I have accepted that is the basis for what I feel unconditionally for my wife.

We have four children together and I am asking God here to touch any who read this and draw them to keep us in their prayers…Thank you and God Bless

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