Restoration of marriage

by Tiffani ()

Please join me in prayer for reconciliation and restoration of my marriage between Daniel and I, Tiffani. We were divided due to his lust and pride, as well as slander from his friends and family whom ice never spoken to nor met. They use the bible to judge me yet never met nor spoken to me so it us not righteous judgment. He is starting to see their ways and knows God but has fallen into lust and is controlled by a narcissistic family dynamic. I told him to pray and ask God for his will and for clarity. I told him to honor his parents but to follow God over all else, as in…even if family tells you to do wrong…you don’t listen but instead follow God’s word. When we were together he read the Bible often and prayed and we were committed. Now separated, he is fornicating, lying, using women for sex, etc. But I can tell he is being convicted because he is suffering and has let go much of those ways. I pray God awakens him in the spirit and that he and God kills his flesh. I pray our relationship is restored if in God’s will for I asked and have faith in my request. For it is not a selfish request since he said he misses me and our friendship and is still physically attracted to me. Also, our union helped to care for his family financially as well as my own. Others were stable, including us when we were united and God was being praised more by him and us together. I continue to put God first no matter what for he is the only one that has not rejected nor abandoned me. I have dealt with the spirit of rejection and abandonment for many years of my life and it is on my family as well since my mom and grandmother has dealt with it. Broken family in divorce and I’m sick of the enemy winning. I am always the one walked out on and I don’t cheat and I submit. So I know it’s the enemy because lust, pride and strife is at the forefront. I can forgive and reconcile and slow to anger during an offense yet those I love cannot. They stay angry or distant, even at little or perceived offenses. I know its an enemy spirit over my relationships, platonic, professional and romantic. I pray for reconciliation between Danny and I and to break this curse and for us together to discipline to other couples dealing with the enemy attempting to divide them. Amen♡

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