Restoration of Joy and peace for myself and my husband and my family

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1st please pray for the sick afflicted by COVID and the families affected by the loss of loved ones. Pray that we will all be able to reunite with our loved ones.

Please pray that I will find the right career for me. I have yet to find the outlet for my God given vocation. I’m so tired of being excluded and starting over with a new job every couple of years. and I need to be mindful of my age if I want to start a family with my husband. Yet these times are so uncertain and frightening that I delay starting one because I myself am very needy.
Please pray for my brother C he is addicted to heroin for almost 15 years. He is my best friend and his addiction has shattered our family. He lost his beloved wife and we miss her dearly. I miss him dearly but his using goes in cycles in order to keep boundaries I didnt talk to him but encouraged him to go get help. He continues to be using. Please pray that GOD would shatter the chains of addiction and despair, that this evil would be vanquished, the Lion of Judah is mighty but alas my heart aches for my beloved brother and my poor mother who has suffered so much in her elderly state. My family is estranged and they are not united.
I’m praying for a reunion of joy and healthy restoration. I know GOD is good he healed me when I was ill and has always been my rock. I’m grateful that he blessed me with my husband. Please pray that my husband receives wisdom and encouragement. We also ask that you pray for his family to be supported and healthy.

We pray for all those families who are dealing with loved ones who have addiction or have lost a loved one to an addiction.

Please pray that GOD will perform a miracle for my family, as he is not limited by human limitations. Praise be to GOD his mercy and love are infinite to those who call on him. Thank you for praying for me. God bless you and your families and keep you safe.

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