Restoration of family

by His Mother, And His Long Suffering Wife (Somewhere In The Pacific)

Please Lord restore, then strengthen, our family relationship. Son and family to daughter and family, mother with thoroughly BROKEN ties to son and family. strengthen mother- daughter & family relationship. Put me in stronger family position than son’s mother in law. You know my heart and the love i feel for him and his family.

You know Lord that divorce was not my wish for this family. you also know that adultery and being unequally yoked are legitimate reasons. Let your will be done, not mine.

Please Lord Jesus,show my children’s father that you are real. Cause irrefutable proof to be shown (to him and his girlfriend) of your existence. I ask that they might find salvation and pardon for their continual sins. Lord please restore a right relationship with his daughter who is hurting very badly.

Lord, your will be done but sprinkle it with mercies please.

Help me please, one day at a time. I love you!

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