Restoration of a long lost love and relationship

by Marie (Tanzania)

Dear Lord, I give you praises and all Glory is yours, o creator of Heaven and earth and all creatures.

I thank Lord for my life and for letting me getting in touch again with my long lost boyfriend. My Lord Jesus, I have prayed for a husband and family for many years, I have been dissapointed and hurt so many times as I have dissapointed and hurt others, I ask for your forgiveness for all my sins and pains I have caused to others.

Today I am asking for the restoration of my relationship with the man I loved so many years ago and who is back in my life but he is not yet decided, he still has questions in his heart. Lord you know how I love him and how I am ready to live with him all my life. I have a lot of weaknesses and shortcomings, he has his too, I am ready to live with all his shortcomings and will always respect and love him.

Lord, please send your Holy Spirit to talk to him about our relationship, please make him love me again. My Lord you konw how desperate I am, I do not know how I can live again without him by my side everyday of our lives. Please breathe a breath of love unto him so that he trully loves me. He called me in the morning Lord and you know how the call has disturbed me, please intervene for me oh Lord for this fight is beyond my power. For you alone are the most Holy, most powerful and you are able, you can do everything and anything.

Dear Lord, please do not let me suffer again for I cannot endure it anymore. I am now fasting, please accept my fast as a penance for all my past sins.

I thank you for listening and answering my prayers. I will always praise, thank and worship you Dear Father, you will always be my God, my House and I will always worship you.

I ask all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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