Restoration of a broken marriage.

by Shauna (Australia)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in Jesus name to repair my marriage, let all darts of the enemy be removed and cleanse our marriage and make it new in the blood of Christ. Lord bind any temptations that are ungodly in the time of separation, and protect each of us help my spouse and I to both heal from our wounds so we can be reunited in your perfect and loving plan. Lord help us find the love we are meant to have for one another in this time and fill both of our hearts with an everlasting, unconditional love, humility and forgiveness for where we both went wrong, enabling us to be strong in the right way you really intended our marriage to be like.

Please give my husband strength and courage for my son and I to be the man he is meant to be for us.. Lord please give him signs to guide him back to me to restore our marriage. Please lord Forgive any words or actions that may of hurt him or I, and help guide us to both only to speak with love and complete sincerity taking all fears away. Lord allow no deception to blind either of our eyes or heart, and please Lord bring my husband back to me in our marriage in where we can only look at each other in complete love and a deep and loyal understanding. Let him feel and really understand my heart. I pray that the Grace of God is over us and protecting us, so our marriage will be repaired and established in the way the Lord Jesus has intended.

In Jesus name I ask this, thank you loving Father for hearing my prayer I know you are a good God.


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