Restoration in sexual relationship

by Suana (Namibia)

WE RE MARRIED FOR35 yes I nver slept with other mem my husband keep occusing me from doing that .He lgave me bad to worst words gossip about me but cant stop .He starting dating family members still to break me Off allThese are lies .but he stops to have sex with me not even kissing me .He rejectes me humiliates me and stop loving me as I see .

Im not attractive to him any more but we are still sleeping in one bed.He likes to watch porno and sexual movies and try to rape my aunt when he ws younger .He is now busy with another cousin find her more attratctive than me .please pray with me that God break the lust for other women in h im protect him from raping women and stop his lovelessness towards me.

That the love for me come back im his heart that we can have intimacy and enjjoy it He never kisse me with an open outh only his lips like brother and sister please pray fora miriacle in mylife thank you

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