Restoration in our marriage..

by Faith Hope Love (Weslaco Tx)

Please unit with in prayer.. I at times as many others feel I want to give up.. But am a strong believer of God our savor.. My husband has almost completely stopped talking to me with practically no reason.. I tried to speak to him he himself has been a pastor way before he met me.

But is no longer a minister he seems not to fear The Lord.. He is now with this idea he should be Able to seek other women and that I should be okay with it!! I’m tired of this life.. I love him and been praying constant not giving up on our relationship that everything will be okay and that The Lord will change his mind/ heart..

I want him to seek The Lord like I’ve heard he has in the past.. I ask for strength -love – blessings- self confidence-change in my husbands life.. Thank you for everyone that takes the time to read my long request prayer. Our lord is in control.. Faith hope love