Restoration in Jesus’ Name

by Justin Choate (Yakima, Washington)

Lord, you know the needs of our hearts before we bring them to you, but you also said that when two or more agree in prayer, it shall be given…so I submit this believing in what you have said.

Father, my relationship with Abigail was such a beautiful gift and I thank you so much for the time we had together.

My pride and selfishness bought it to a bitter end…and I am so sorry. It seems pointless and futile to further pursue a relationship with her…over five months separated with no communication lately…I have no idea how she’s changed from the best friend that I fell in love with. But despite my doubt and exhaustion, you convict me and you fill me with love when I want to give up. I would think it cruel if you hadn’t told me that you wanted to bring us back together. I have such a hard time believing it though…

and I go from day to day on any scrap of encouragement I can get. But I know that it is well within your power to heal us and our relationship I ask that you break down the walls of our emotions and fill us with love and forgiveness. Make your will known to us, Father. Make us a testimony of your healing power over the hardened and hurting heart. Please keep her safe and out of temptation. Draw her nearer to you, Lord…please do not let her fall away…above all else, that would destroy me. So I lift up our hearts, our minds, our wills and our broken relationship to you…

and in Jesus’ name, I ask that you heal that relationship and that friendship, and increase it tenfold. You are my king, and I will love you and praise you even in this heartache.

Thank you for breaking through and making yourself my first love again. I ask this all in Jesus’ name. Let it be done for your own glory. Amen.

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