Restoration and Reconcile

by Aleshia ()

I am coming for prayer my husband filed for divorce and pushed me to try quietly give in and walk away. I have been so hurt during this process because he left here with me thinking that i was the cause of his unhappiness and that it was something wrong with me. When all along he had been cheating I have pictures and video that was reveal to me thru his cellphone he left behind I guess he thought he cleared it but it was emails, pictures, and the whole nasty sorted detail of his adultery. I did confront then things turned really ugly with threat and bad language. I never thought the man that stood before God and my family pledging his love would treat me in this manner. I was hurt and betrayed. This happen in Sept last year but he came back to me the day before we were to appear in court for our first hearing which was 18 Nov 2018. He said he wanted to work it out that he would try. Then later he talked to me horribly said he only came back because I was not going to screw him over. He is currently stationed in Korea and will back on 27th Jun. We had been talking on the phone from Nov 2018 until March 2019 during this time every other day he would tell me the doesn’t think he can love me like he use to or he does not want to be with me that we should go ahead with the divorce. Then he comes back and would say that he is going to try then just three weeks ago he called me to say this divorce is happen i just need to accept this because this marriage is dead like a tree. He cursed me horribly and it was surprised at his behavior because I know this is not the man i married. We use to pray and go to church together and I praying that God restores our foundation. I love my husband and I have forgiven for how he has treated me and i asked him to forgive me for anything that i have done to cause this rift between us. Please pray with me that GOD restore this marriage for better and that the love is restore, trust and the faithfulness is restore. I love my husband and I believe that GOD can do all things but fail. I also know that for man this is impossible but with GOD all things are possible. I believe that God can break the invisible barrier keeping my husband from me , the state of confusion my husband is in , misunderstand between me and my husband and lust of the flesh,lust of the eyes and pride of life. Please pray with me that GOD hear the pleas for the saving of this union i refuse to let the devil win!! I have FAITH that God will provide for me either way I ask that his will be done not mines. Please help me to stay encourage this has been a hard process and that i wish on no one. I am fighting for my marriage!!!

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