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My adopted son got shot in the head on Monday n pass away I pray n ask God to save his life because he was a good young man never hurt nobody he knew n accepted Jesus but got lost because of lack of love caring n support. Well I am so disappointed that he pass away I feel that they could have done more to save his life. Well am angry hurt comfuse don’t understand why didn’t God protect him he was a kind hearted humble Man Why did God let it happen and Why God not helping to bring the responsible people to justice so at least his life wasn’t loose in vain he didn’t deserve to go out like a so confuse cuz I ask God and promise him to become a better christian if he would spare his life but I guess he didn’t listen o didn’t care. Now am kinda disbelief about this there even a God n is it true he created us n is the bible true is there even heaven o life after death do we have a spirit o is it true what science said that when our heart stop that’s it there’s no such thing of lost soul o resting in just really in pain because I don’t like to show my emotions o feelings to nobody so I bottle up of my feelings pain anger because I don’t have nobody that I can trust n understand me without judging me o criticize me n turn my issue into a gossip for entertainment. I just don’t understand why God doesn’t help me I been asking for a place to live cuz I been homeless for 3yrs. Because people are really judgemental in my city I know only by the grace of god will I find a place. Am just loosing faith n believe because I see that unbelievable evil people get away with murder n live happy financially stable no matter how they treat n hurt people they don’t get no conversation. Like the people that shot my adopted son they’re running around happy enjoying life with no remorse for cutting a young humble Man life short.. thank you if you pray for me o if this is fake it’s ok I understand it’s nobody obligation or problem .

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