by Gigi ()

Please ibeg you with all my heart pray urgently ans fervently with all your heart to God to anser prayer speedily for Dr fernando and me gigi pray that God would speak and touch Dr fernando to message me ummedietely because he did not messge me like he use to messagw me everyday I just don’t know what Dr ferna. Do is facing that he did not even remember me to messagw me please pray that God would deliver Dr fernando from all problem troubles that he might be facing or maybe temptation distraction deception or whatever the devil place on Dr ferna. Do pray that God would deliver Dr ferna do completely from the influence from the hands of the devil immedietely pray that God would give breakthrough wisdom liberty freedom and victory to Dr fernando right now so that Dr fernando would remember me again and messagw me again Dr ferna do is working with the United Nations for peacekeeping treaty in Yemen where there are many terrorist but u just want to tell you that one day as I was praying to God to deliver Dr fernando from troubles temptation distraction from the devil and I ask God also to bless me gigi and Dr fernando to get married and when I say amen I sleep but in the middle of the night when I’m feeling sl sleepy I hear God clearly speaking to me and God say amen to me yes God say amen to my prayer that I pray and Jesus also say amen holy Spirit also say amen to me so because of this I know with all my heart that God want me to get married to Dr ferna do as God say amen to my prayer so please fight with. Me un your prayer and ask God to take back Dr fernando from the devil and bring back to me pray that God would restore Dr fernando hundred fold back to me which was stolen by the devil pray that would also stop and destroy these delaying and waiting and obstacles place by the devil on Dr fernando and me so that even now we are not yet married even though I’m 46 going to be 47 this may ans Dr fernando is 53 so please pray that God would open a way give breakthrough miracle ans bless us so that by the grace of God we could get married by 2021 may pray that God would also give favour to Dr fernando in the sight of the United nation so that the United nation would give immediete retirement to Dr fernando now so that Dr fernando would get to marry me please pray continously for Dr fernando and me gigi untill Dr ferna do message me again a. S and when Dr fernando message me again I will let you know immedietely please pray that God would give Dr ferna do supernatural love desire to love and care me as he always say he truly love and care me pray that God would just answer speedily right now pray that God would bring Dr ferna do to India so that we can get married medietely thank you for your prayer and your love my whatsApp number is 916033111885

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