respect love and trust

by Carilla (Edinburg, Tx, Hidalgo)

lord i ask that you touch the heart and soul of my husband and mine as well. we have had a very bump year and lately things seem to be getting more out of control. i know we love each other, but is that enough. i want for us to get our trust, respect and love back as it was in the beginning. help us reconcile our marriage and bring light into our lives. he is my partner as i am is.

we have been separated for a week now and i fear it will be long. lord help my husband to let your world in to his heart so that he may be at peace. i ask for your help lord on bringing my husband back home to me so that we can learn to love each other as we once did and even greater this time round. i am in deep pain as we are unable to communicate and i am in great fear of losing my marriage.

please lord Jesus help us both to regain the power in our marriage and bring him back home to me. Jorge needs your help as do i…

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