Respect from my neighbors

by Keturah tribble ()

Hi praise the lord I moved to 756 E 217 th apt 3 I’m on the second floor. Under me is a family that’s very loud I mean they don’t care that we share this house they took it clearly over. They been in the back yard every since we moved in they won’t give us a chance to even talks walk back there. They stomp all day and screaming they make me want to move like now I gave a one year lease and I’m ready to move now. I’m not use to all this noise. We make very little to no noise. My other house always said that we where very quiet. These people done Brought a pool. They think they only live here this hurts my soul that I have to live here with these people. It makes my cry that they are so devilish to take over a 2 family house. I pray for strength. In the might name of Jesus amen Thank you.

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