Resolve Relationship

I really need prayers for my relationship. i have been dating my boyfriend for many years now. we have gone through awful times and amazing times together. i could not picture my life without him. i know he is the one. but i feel really obsessive.

I always want to be around him and call him and hang out. and i feel like my phone never rings and i am always last on his list. i just want his love to be renewed and to be and feel so special to me. i know being with him is right, i just dont want to suffer. i want for him to call me wanting me, and always saying yes to invites and asking me to hang. i trust in god that this can happen just sometimes i lose faith.

I want to get married and have a family with him, but i don’t want to be the wife that is pushed aside. I need love. I just got off the phone being yelled at by a date night he ditched me out for. is this truly happening to me? what have i let this relationship to become….