resignition prayer

by Blair Vagus (Kenya,Eldoret)

Almighty father in heaven,we acknowledge you as our creator and as our reedemer.We praise and exalt your name high for you are holy and great.

forgive us our iniquities for we know that you have created vanity to the children of men.
Restore those who are suffering from illness in a way that may bring glory to you and keep their spirits high even though the illness has made them feel low reduce their dependance on men and increase their dependance on you God
Give the students a heart for you that is apologetic and build in them characters as much as knowledge, take down the secular world view focus and help them in making wise decision
Take our country a place where peace and liberty is dominant
give us leaders with strong spiritual wisdom
take care of the country’s business without compromises on the Godly princples
shine in places of darkness to give hope to the fearful
And as you promised that where two or three agree in your name you shall grant their reguest
fullfil our prayers and desires in a way best for us
and grant us the knowledge of truth in this world and in world to come life everlasting Amen

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