Rescue me Lord from out this debt

by Annoynm (USA)

Lord God there is no love greater and powerful like yours. And I thank you for the Holy Spirit being by my side. Lord thank you for your Grace and mercy. For right now I don’t feal worthy of your love, for I have sin with money problems. I am drowning in debt. My entire family is drowning in debt. I come to you Father, because you said the battle is not ours it’s the Lord. Right now I feel I am fighting this battle alone and is loosing. So God please rescue me at you and save me from the devil snare . I believed you can save me Lord . You said in your word that you can do the impossible. And we can do all things if we believe and trust you Lord. And that is what I am doing believing and trusting that I will be delivered from this debt problem by praying and fasting and doing what the direction of God guide me to do. The light of God will guide feet, the lamp unto my path. Thank you God for allowing me to rejoice through my storms and give thanks to you no matter dark it may look . Things that are Denis temporal, things that are unseen are eternity. I am trusting and believing God is going to bless me and my family to be debt free. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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